Bad Dad — ARRESTED (again)! pt 1

(This is from 3 June, 2011)

It took BD (Bad Dad, my son N’s biological father) putting me in a choke hold and slamming me to the ground but my son is finally included in the total stay-away restraining order.

BD is spending the weekend in jail. He claims I’m “lucky [he’s] so nice” or I’d be arrested, too.

Yes, he’s so nice he’s been abusing my son and me for years. He’s broken every promise he’s ever made. Every time he’s offered to help us he has screwed us at the worst possible moment.

As for being in a relationship, every time he asks me to be in a “real, serious” relationship, he cheats on me soon after.

Well, now I won’t have to deal with that. The most pathetic part? I didn’t know he had a temper for the two years we were friends, and for almost a year after we started dating / living together.

And that’s the BD I like to remember. The one who likes the same reading material I do; who enjoys much of the same tv shows & movies. The BD with the same stupid sense of humour.

And then I think of his temper.

And the fact that I can’t swallow without it hurting, and I want to cry. Because BD will not do anything about his temper. Like most schizos, he thinks it’s everyone else, not him.

I really hope that 5 weeks without his dad will do my son good. I truly believe it will. And with all of the therapists, social workers, etc, who will be seeing him between now and our next court date, hopefully this judge will not be bringing his personal grudges into the courtroom.


Falling Behind

I have a bunch of blogs that I started but never finished. I was already behind my self-imposed schedule when my son got sick. And then, my friend,  my buddy, lost his battle with cancer on Wednesday 18 December, 2013. Brian Walston, fellow Stuyvesant High School graduate, veteran,  fun guy with a sweet heart and a sense of humour to rival my own, passed away with his sister and wonderful wife Lisa at his side, just as he would’ve wanted it.
My son found me crying in the bathroom aka my hiding spot.
I wanted to scream, “It’s NOT fair!”
Why, why, why would G-d take away such a great person when another classmate of ours is a convicted pedophile currently working at Toys R Us in Times Square. Where is his punishment?
The only positive that came out of this would be Brian’s wife being with child. Brian was there when they found out the baby is a boy, Brian was there to choose his son’s first crib, and Brian got to name his son. His son will have the best guardian angel there is because it will be his dad, watching over him and his mom.
And there’s another positive: Brian’s wife was an is truly the love of his life. At least he got to spend his last few years with her.
So, forgive me that my blogs won’t be on schedule for a while.
May you be blessed with a friend like Brian the way I was.

Don’t hide the fact that your partner is a s**thead!

Truth. Here.

Rantings of a Single Mom

This letter is to all the women out there who cover for their man, who make excuses to family and friends for him, who let him get away with bad behavior because they love him and don’t want to paint him in a bad light to others.

I was one of you for many years. I covered for my ex. I made excuses. I basically allowed his behavior to go on and made excuses for him to family and friends rather than say, “Yes, my husband is a s**thead!”  “Yes, he’s a jerk who is a lazy pain in the ass!”

The thing is when my ex would get his butt up and about he was a pretty good father and husband. The problem was he always acted like a perpetual teenager. You know the type… always wants to sleep, never wanted to get up and help around the house…

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I was hoping to start some kind of schedule with this blog.
Miscellaneous Monday.
Crafty Wednesday.
Friday Reviews.

I’ve got some blogs that I’m working on.
I have the app for WordPress on my phone.
I’ve got it on my phone.

Monday I published Tarot Apps. Yes, technically it can count as a “review”.  (I’m hoping one day to change Friday to Fiction Friday and make Weekend Reviews.)
Anyway, my phone said the page was published.
The computer said it wasn’t. I re-posted Tarot Apps yesterday,  Wednesday, since I’d spent two dsys helping my son with a Social Studies project and wasn’t able to work on my Crafty Wednesday piece.
As for Crafty Wednesday,  I wanted to have photos as well aa video. I’m not sure if I can post video. We’ll see.
And that’s the update.
Hopefully next week will be on schedule 🙂

The Future Of This Blog

Now that I have a computer with internet at home, I would like to make this into more of a “real” blog. In other words, I would like to post regular blog entries.

I’m the first to admit that I’m a bit flakey. I hate being flakey. But I figure that if I can set a schedule, and stick to it, then I will have accomplished something.

One of the things I would like is to post one review a week, beginning with my review on reviews and reviewers. Today is Tuesday, so we’ll go for a review each Friday. I might review: a book; an author; a new album / cd; a band; a museum; products “As Seen On TV” and whether they live up to their claims; etc.

A review on Friday, and a craft on a Wednesday (after this one). 

Something miscellaneous on Monday. It could be about my life, it could be fiction, it could be about bdsm, or any one of my many interests (animals, vegetarianism, religion, etc.).

To recap, beginning next week:



Friday: Review day!

Questions? Comments? Suggestions? Let me know…