The Witch’s Diary: Gypsy’s Magick Spell/7 Card Reading

Magickal Connections

(Follow this YouTube link to “The Witch’s Diary”, where I’ve recorded a 12 minute video while setting up to do this online reading):

1/This is you:
The Wheel of Fortune

First impression:  Jupiter (expansion, money issues, business issues, growth– an interest in, or an active participation in, business activities).  The idea of three aspects to some area of your life (the triple goddess; three times ’round (3 marriages, serious relationships, etc.); three choices; three victories/three failures; three days/months/weeks until an important event–if you actually have something specific coming up in one of these time frames, and there is a decision involved, know that it’s going to turn out in your favor.

As I’ve said, you must tend to be lucky in games of chance, or life in general.  Lady Luck tends to sit on your shoulder, don’t brush her off– this can be done by any number of ways; with…

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