Holy Crap (and how did crap get holy anyway? was it blessed?)

So, now that I’ve jumped into the 21st century and have a computer that isn’t a hand-me-down, I decided to take a scroll (get it? sCroll? not sTroll? I need to slow down on the vodka lol) thru previous posts. Yikes! Distinct lack of photos where they should be! I was going to get into reading some fiction, but i’m bound in blood to produce at least one REAL blog a day. As I’m not sure if weekends are included, I’m going to see if I can’t get ahead.

I would also like to re-do those posts that say they’ve got pictures (I swear they did when they were posted!), but since I have to change my phone so often, the video of a huge needle going into my knee is probably gone 😦 but I can easily re-do a duct tape wallet, especially now that I’ve got ways of adding clear plastic so you can add photos. Like this (I’m going to add a photo. I promise.):

In case I don’t get to say this, Happy Kill a Native American Day to all who celebrate.

More importantly, Happy Hanukkah to everyone who celebrates. I’m sure I’ll get to bitching about schools being forced to add Kwanzaa if they celebrate Hanukkah and Xmas. (Btw, in “Xmas”, the “X” stands for “Christ”. Yet when Christina Aguelara– or however you spell it– went to “Xtina”, we were supposed to call her “Christina” NOT “Christ-tina” as it should’ve been. Something that’s been bugging me. I dealt with Prince becoming a symbol much better. But then I don’t have an embarrassing secret crush on him.)

Also, as I now have a computer, I will be adding a contact form at the bottom. I would like to find out more about the other awesome bloggers on WordPress (and elsewhere), so please, send me links, comments, dirty pictures.

Blessed Be


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