Laptop and PC set-up with Internet

Yes, it’s true!
I now have a laptop (technically my son’s laptop)
a PC (my dad’s old one that he was going to throw out).

BOTH… with internet!!!

Now I can blog as much as I want!
Each day, a different theme:
          – one day for book / series / author reviews. If you have any suggestions,  please feel free to let me know!
          – one day for BDSM (Bondage Domination Submission / Sadism Masochism). I will start off with introductions to the many facets of BDSM, and answer any questions you may have. If you’d like to remain anonymous,  let me know.
          – one day for Single parenting.
          – one day for my fiction (or whatever I’m working on)
          – one day for miscellaneous (music, lifestyles,  politics, etc.). Feel free to suggest something.

Suggestions can be left in the WordPress comments, my Facebook inbox, a DM on Twitter,  or an email to


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