20th High School Reunion

Apparently I am going to my 20th High School Reunion. I’ve decided to go stag because I’ve been to a reunion that wasn’t mine and it’s not much fun. Reunions are places to reminisce about the past, and catch up on what has happened since. I was at a 5yr reunion of a man who had done extremely well- except that he was still in the closet. Yes, I was his “beard”, his pretend girlfriend. It was uncomfortable for both of us. Point being,  if you’re going to your reunion,  plan ahead of time what you’re willing to share and what you’d like to “keep in the closet”. He could’ve said he was single and focused on his career. By bringing a “girlfriend”, the good-looking but always single in high school guy could’ve avoided the interest in his fake gf (me). I’m already jotting down the high points of the last 20 years and how much I’m willing to share and with whom. I’m also going stag to see if I can cross any of my high school crushes off my list ; p


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