There’s a website called, “GoFundMe.com”. It has many categories, from the new Boston Marathon and Oklahoma tornado, to “Weddings &Honeymoons”, “Animals & Pets”, “Dreams, Hopes & Wishes”, etc.
You set up your site and ask your Facebook friends to donate money.
Some of these requests are for help paying medical bills, some for travel funds (to compete in various things).
When i first heard of this site i thought, “Yay! I can get $ for a computer to help my son in school, and me with my writing/editing.”
I reviewed some of the ppl on the site & realized I’d have to beg, grovel, etc. Which is something I find gauche, tacky, uncouth.
But the other side of me argued, “Your son needs a computer for school. Laptop or PC, whatever is less expensive, to pass 3rd grade & keep up with (& surpass) his 4th grade classmates. I need it to write, edit, and do stupid surveys that pay real $.”
So, please, forgive me, but I’m going to ask for help in the next few days. I don’t get child support and i can’t work due to my son’s dad herniating three.discs in my spine. Please consider donating for my son, and for me.
Thank you.


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  1. a few notes about this meal plan: I eat a predominantly paleo or primal diet (an anofiin-lammattry, hormone regulating, whole foods based ancestral diet), with a few

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