My Birthday: Wed 27 March

Yes, my bday is this week.
I get very bitchy and depressed, so be nice 🙂


Almost forgot…

Also doing a piece titled, “As Seen On TV”, which will review all the stuff I’ve purchased late at night. (I wonder if I can get my bank to make my card not work from, say, 11pm thru 8am?)

Coming Soon…

Blogs I’m working on:
* Cats (a very biased, pro-feline piece)
* Book and Author reviews, including new teen authors I’ve been reading: Katie MacAllister, Melissa de la Cruz, etc.
* History of My Feet &How I learned about the sensuous side of foot worship
* First Love, and stalking ones First in the Internet Age
* Free Writing, and some older pieces I’ve been working on
* Writing a novel on your phone
* plus any suggestions i receive

Hope you enjoy them- if and when i get around to finishing them 🙂