I’m a “Narcissistic Sociopath”

According to my schizophrenic biological mother I am a narcissistic sociopath.
Unfortunately for her diagnosis, she doesn’t even have a college.degree, much less anything that would allow her to diagnose a paramecium lol
I’ve kept myself in therapy for years to make sure I don’t become schizophrenic like her.
I stopped talking to her for a while and met my son’s dad who is schizotipic. I noticed something familiar — that fear in the pit of your stomach that the person you’re talking to will change moods with no warning — but by then it was too late.
Back to the biological mother. Schizophrenic people think everyone else is crazy. Not them. She won’t take her proper medications so she’s… cuckoo.
She thinks that by mentioning my crappy childhood I’m a horrible person. But its OK for her to accuse me of being… whatever she called me. Lol.
She needs help. She once had me arrested for not giving her my Xanax. And I was 28. So she thinks attempted insults will make me trust seeing her in person ever again? Really??


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