Biological Mom not talking to me cuz of previous blog…

So my mom aka biological mom (I was legally emancipated at 13) isn’t talking to me due to a previous blog.
Does she object to my saying she abused me? Because she did. A lot.
I know we’ve all had messed up childhood’s but she seems to think that things that DID happen DIDN’T. Or she doesn’t want it brought up.
However, she currently has a box of legos &two light sabers she ordered for my 7 yr old son. And she’s using them tp get him to see her… which is the main problem.
Every visit is filled with, “since I don’t know if I’ll see you again…”, etc. WHY NOT ENJOY OUR VISIT NOW??
When I was 13, I was legally emancipated&moved in with my dad. I swore if she ever hit me again I would hit her back. When I was pregnant at 29, she took me in&wrote up a contract of things I had to do in exchange for rent $. As I was washing dishes one day, she tried to start a verbal fight. I wouldn’t take the bait so she came over&started hitting me.
Here was my chance!
Self-defense &PTSD from previous abuse!
What did I do? Covered my belly&said, “don’t hit me; I’m pregnant!”
(The next day her neighbour congratulated me as if I’d sat my mom down&said, “I’m pregnant!”

The other part of the blog in question deals with my mom having stage 4 breast cancer for the past 4+ yrs. I had cancer &I’ve lost my grandfather &my ex-gfs dad to cancer. I said she, my mom, should b in the Guinness Book of World Records due to her lasting so long & being so healthy / un-cancer-like. It was meant as a compliment.
I know everyone reacts to cancer differently.
(Stephen Hawking has lived with LG disease for longer than anyone. Maybe he’ll stop talking to me now, too! Lol)

So now we’re left with the question : will my son get his gifts? He refuses to see my mom until he’s received them due to the fact she did not wish me a happy birthday Tuesday (my birthday natch).

She’s an adult. I’ve been trying to work on a relationship with her for years but she keeps screwing me over.
And now she’s screwed my son.
My grandmother is giving a lecture at a museum near where my mom lives. I will invite her. And we’ll see if we can have a visit that doesn’t include, “since this is the last time I will see you…” etc.
I have nothing to feel guilty about, according to every psychiatrist / Therapist / counsellor / etc I’ve ever had. But she’s messing with my son now. So we’ll see what happens.

I’d like to have a relationship with my mom. She had a crappy childhood, too. (Not that that was a reason to screw up mine!) I’ll keep u posted…


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