I’m a “Narcissistic Sociopath”

According to my schizophrenic biological mother I am a narcissistic sociopath.
Unfortunately for her diagnosis, she doesn’t even have a college.degree, much less anything that would allow her to diagnose a paramecium lol
I’ve kept myself in therapy for years to make sure I don’t become schizophrenic like her.
I stopped talking to her for a while and met my son’s dad who is schizotipic. I noticed something familiar — that fear in the pit of your stomach that the person you’re talking to will change moods with no warning — but by then it was too late.
Back to the biological mother. Schizophrenic people think everyone else is crazy. Not them. She won’t take her proper medications so she’s… cuckoo.
She thinks that by mentioning my crappy childhood I’m a horrible person. But its OK for her to accuse me of being… whatever she called me. Lol.
She needs help. She once had me arrested for not giving her my Xanax. And I was 28. So she thinks attempted insults will make me trust seeing her in person ever again? Really??


Biological Mom not talking to me cuz of previous blog…

So my mom aka biological mom (I was legally emancipated at 13) isn’t talking to me due to a previous blog.
Does she object to my saying she abused me? Because she did. A lot.
I know we’ve all had messed up childhood’s but she seems to think that things that DID happen DIDN’T. Or she doesn’t want it brought up.
However, she currently has a box of legos &two light sabers she ordered for my 7 yr old son. And she’s using them tp get him to see her… which is the main problem.
Every visit is filled with, “since I don’t know if I’ll see you again…”, etc. WHY NOT ENJOY OUR VISIT NOW??
When I was 13, I was legally emancipated&moved in with my dad. I swore if she ever hit me again I would hit her back. When I was pregnant at 29, she took me in&wrote up a contract of things I had to do in exchange for rent $. As I was washing dishes one day, she tried to start a verbal fight. I wouldn’t take the bait so she came over&started hitting me.
Here was my chance!
Self-defense &PTSD from previous abuse!
What did I do? Covered my belly&said, “don’t hit me; I’m pregnant!”
(The next day her neighbour congratulated me as if I’d sat my mom down&said, “I’m pregnant!”

The other part of the blog in question deals with my mom having stage 4 breast cancer for the past 4+ yrs. I had cancer &I’ve lost my grandfather &my ex-gfs dad to cancer. I said she, my mom, should b in the Guinness Book of World Records due to her lasting so long & being so healthy / un-cancer-like. It was meant as a compliment.
I know everyone reacts to cancer differently.
(Stephen Hawking has lived with LG disease for longer than anyone. Maybe he’ll stop talking to me now, too! Lol)

So now we’re left with the question : will my son get his gifts? He refuses to see my mom until he’s received them due to the fact she did not wish me a happy birthday Tuesday (my birthday natch).

She’s an adult. I’ve been trying to work on a relationship with her for years but she keeps screwing me over.
And now she’s screwed my son.
My grandmother is giving a lecture at a museum near where my mom lives. I will invite her. And we’ll see if we can have a visit that doesn’t include, “since this is the last time I will see you…” etc.
I have nothing to feel guilty about, according to every psychiatrist / Therapist / counsellor / etc I’ve ever had. But she’s messing with my son now. So we’ll see what happens.

I’d like to have a relationship with my mom. She had a crappy childhood, too. (Not that that was a reason to screw up mine!) I’ll keep u posted…

And it drags on… lol

So MM thinks we should be just friends because he’s doing it for me. He says he’s worried about my feelings and that I may harbor some hope of something in future.
He’s good but not that good! Hell with a girl I can get off in two seconds bit with guys… well OK it is rare to find a guy who gets me off. Almost every time. And makes up for the times he doesn’t.
Ok. So he is good. But I’ve told him I’d never be his gf again. I’ve had guys end it& they always come back &I always say no. It’s a matter of pride. Or ego. And who’d want to date a guy dumb enough to break up with me in the first place? Lol
So he’s going to call later (earlier he was helping me with my detoxing)…
Then there’s this girl I was really into last year but she was still into her ex. Turns out she still is. Hopefully I’ll get a good friend out of her but Dang it she’s a Jew&crazy like me but still the ex is … probably a really great person.
So I’m detoxing and bedridden according to my pain Dr.
And yet the only sexual partner I’d like is using his weekend pass to see his mom tomorrow 😦 oh&thinks sex isn’t a good idea. Crazy boy. (Maybe that should be his code name?)

Duct Tape Wallets

Duct tape wallets are great because you can make them any size to accommodate money, credit cards, whatever you need.
I’m going to make a basic black wallet that folds in the middle.
I don’t use exact measurements because money is sized differently in different countries.
If you would like to add more please Google “duct tape wallets” as there are a few good sites.

So. Get a clean working surface, your duct tape, and a pair of scissors you don’t mind getting sticky stuff on lol also, get a card the size of a credit card and a small denomination of paper money. These will be used for measuring purposes.

Be prepared for how sticky the duct tape is if this is your first time working with it! Remember: you can always start fresh if you make a mistake πŸ™‚

I’m going to start with what is called a “basic sheet”. Measure a piece of tape as LONG as the dollar or as long as two credit cards folded over (like the completed wallet) WHICHEVER IS LONGER. then add a finger length on each side so you have room to work with.

As you can see, I’ve given myself room to work with.
The next part is harder.
Cut another piece of the same length and place it about halfway across the long way so the sticky sides meet.

Then fold one side down so only have of the sticky side is showing lengthwise.

Next is to cut another strip of tape, same length, and putting the sticky sides together at the halfway point you should begin to see your “basic sheet”.
* if using more than one color choose which side will be on the inside of the wallet and work your pattern on the outside. You can also add tape after finishing the basic wallet.

Now repeat until your sheet is long enough to fold in half and cover your money.
* most air bubbles can be flattened or pressed out using your thumb or the scissors handle. If you’re a perfectionist, you can remove the strip of tape or go over it.

Once your sheet is long enough…

And wide enough to fold in half and have room for cards on both sides…

Fold over the top (half) strip as you did with the bottom.
*note: it’s better to have a little extra room on the left and right sides but don’t go overboard as this will be trimmed off and thrown away. (Notice the little ball of crumpled tape in the upper right part of my pictures.)

Fold up in half so the money fits.
Then fold over from the middle to ensure you have enough room for cards and so the uneven ends can be trimmed later.

As you can see I’ve got plenty of room for my cards but I want to make extra pockets on the inside for them.

Making extra pockets is like making the “basic sheet” except you are attaching the half strip to the wallet instead of folding it over.
First I’m going to trim down the edges of my wallet.
I’m going to make two pockets on each side. There are two ways to do this:
One way is to make a “basic sheet” that is slightly shorter than your wallet. Fold over so that one part is higher than the other and tape into your wallet.

The other way is the way is mentioned above. Start a sheet but attach to the bottom of the wallet.

(As you can see my pile of tape I messed up with is getting bigger lol!)
Next I’m going to add one more card holder except this will be low enough that I can see the tops of the cards.
Now I’ve got space for paper $, and credit cards, etc.

Next we fold the wallet in half.
Try to get it as even as possible because after we snip off the uneven ends it’s time to tape the sides of the wallet.

Take a piece of tape and attach it to the outside of the wallet. This piece will be holding the sides together.

This next part is hard to describe.
By now you’ve noticed how duct tape rips. Fold the top piece down but tear at the edge of the wallet.

Do the same on the bottom.
Then fold over. Stick. Flip the wallet over& it should look like this:

Fold down the pieces that stick up.
(OCD PPL: This will be fixed in a minute. Relax.)
Repeat with the other side.
Using the scissors, cut the overlapping tape.

Now empty out your old wallet&put stuff in the new one!

Any questions? Feel free to ask!

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According to Marline Emmal, author of Fibromyalgia and Female Sexuality, “Sexual activity is good for fibromyalgia pain. Rather than fibromyalgia pain making you shy away
from sex, you should embrace it, because it’s one of the best treatments. It increases the happy hormones in your brain; they in turn reduce your pain level.”

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