New boyfriend…part one

Its been almost a month since I met 2M. (Yes, I know, not a good code name. Feel free to suggest one.)
We met at the doctor’s office, in the waiting area. There’s usually a long wait but I was prepared with a book plus paper & a pen for writing.
My first impression was that he was cute, but seemed to have this huge weight pressing him down. As in, this boy has baggage. Plus, I noticed his eyes: blue (tho he claims hazel depending on what he’s wearing), and sad. Like he’d been thru stuff that might perhaps have crushed the usual effiminate males I pick. And, oh yes, he did not fall into the category of “boy”.
That was Tuesday 3 January.
The next day, Wednesday, after I saw my Therapist I decided to walk down Fulton Street. A cute guy said hi to me but as he was all bundled up, I didn’t recognize him at first.
He was heading in the opposite direction & as I debated turning & going after him, he was suddenly in front of me.
We talked a bit and got on well but something about him made me want to kiss him. I hadn’t felt that way in a while so when he asked for my # I gave it.
I think we’d talked about meeting Fri but he called Wed night & I was hooked. His voice on the phone was such a turn on… I cancelled my Thursday booty call to hang out with this new guy.
Friday I had an appt with a new Dr& he offered to come. We would up talking by the river, sitting on a bench. I remember trying to get as close to him as physically possible.
Finally, I had to kiss him.


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