ShyBoy Quickie

well, ShyBoy can no longer be called ShyBoy. the boy is a slut or a stud depending on how you want to look at it. six hours hanging out&talking&i get a very obvious kiss on the CHEEK (and not the cheek with the red mark from my duct tape wallet).

My son asked why he didn’t kiss me good-bye&I said, “I guess he doesn’t see me that way.”

i even sent him a text — telling him i was updating my blog&WHY didn’t he kiss me? i mean, at some point he must”ve wanted to but he DIDN’T.

i haven’t dated anyone but my son’s dad since i got “fluffy” — but if he didn’t like fluffy chicks why hang out with me?

and my age didn’t stop him… unless it was seeing me as a mom to my 6 yr old son that made him think, “hmmm… maybe this isn’t a girl i want to kiss.”

but what’s in a kiss? it’s not like i said i wanted to fuck him. i just find him kissable.

should i have kissed him? i can’t remember the last time i talked to someone non-stop (pretty much) for more than six hours. and a very deliberate kiss on the cheek.

i’ll let y’all know what his side is. even if i have to embarrass myself in front of him. again. lol


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