We got a new acs (childrens services) case about a month ago. Against BD (Bad Dad), my son’s dad, of course, as usual, etc. I get drug tested asap. Me, who gets tested WEEKLY anyway at my methadone program. My methadone program which, by the way, would call childrens services IF I turned in a dirty urine BEFORE they would even tell me. But BD & the girl he’s living with who talked to her co-workers about how much she LOVES crystal meth and crack? But BD, who lost at least 30 pounds in the first month of living with her, who has become even more paranoid (if possible) and developed dark circles under his eyes? He JUST got his test. That idiot of a worker — I really liked her in the beginning but she is a fucking moron — gave him THREE WEEKS to get clean & claims “it was a surprise”. BULL FUCKING SHIT!!!!! He knew from the second we had a new case that he and florida white trash were getting tested. They had three fucking weeks to get clean. There was no fucking surprise involved. BD KNEW that I was going to bitch whine moan beg etc until they were tested. I’ll bet they had a huge fucking meth / crack party after getting tested. (my angel of a son is here. More later after BD picks him up)


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