Big Bang, Wet & ShyBoy (who will be kissed–by me…or not)


I suppose I could go on about how I had to walk out into a rainstorm with more force than my shower, only to get splashed and COMPLETELY head-to-toe soaked by a passing car running through a huge puddle. But it would probably be more interesting to know that ShyBoy WILL be kissed (by me) by the end of the week or I give up. Then again, the conversation I had with his mom, my primary care dr, about taking out my genital piercings for an mri might be even more interesting…

(my son is out of the bathroom; back to watching Big Bang Theory…)


I would like to say that the comments / Vanity Cards Chuck Lorre places at the end of his tv shows (Big Bang, Two and a Half Men) are definitely worth reading. You can Google them, of course, but for a bibliophile such as myself, a small printing in book format would be much appreciated, Mr. Lorre’s Assistant (HINT HINT).

It has also been pointed out to me that using a spell-check might not be such a bad idea. To which I replied, “yes but my previous blog would STILL state that cigarettes “cAst” a lot” (as opposed to “cOst” a lot). As it usually takes me a few hours (or days) to come up with the perfect come back, I was rather impressed. Bazinga!

(short break)

Alrighty then. ShyBoy was asked if it would be “weird” if I gave him my # last Wednesday, giving him an easy out. (he could say no for any number of reasons: his mum is my dr, he’s young enough to be my son, he’s the only 20yr old male who would turn down a “fun, mostly sexual” relationship with “no strings / stress attached” — though I didn’t get to explain all that yet, etc) Monday I asked if he was going to “use what I gave him& he said “yes”, jumping over yet ANOTHER chance to “get me off his jock” lol (hope I used that right).

So. Tomorrow. Wednesday. Parenting Class by choice. And a chance to see him, assuming he is there…they’ve got more than one office & if he isn’t in the one I’m at… well, fuck it. I’ll just go to the other& make a fool of myself. I will wear something that shows off my (truly) glorious breasts, and I’ll lean in close & ask if he’s getting off work at 2pm. (Monday he said he got off work at 2pm since he took classes; hence the lack of a lunch break.) he will say that yes, he does get off work at 2pm & I will offer to ride the train with him. Then we will take the train and while we are on the platform waiting for said train, I will turn to him & kiss him.

Of course, he could say that he doesn’t get off work at 2pm, or he isn’t interested, etc.

either way, if that boy does not get my full lips against his tomorrow, I give up. Because I am not used to being this forward with boys, anyway, and it’s not entirely comfortable.

It would be much easier if I were to go in tomorrow and instead of giving me that oh-so-cute smile & a wave, he asks if I can wait until 2pm. Then I can stand a little taller so he gets a good look at the aforementioned glorious breasts, pause to think, and then agree.

I have found, from a very recent experience, that if the build-up between the initial contact / onset of the crush and the actual first kiss goes on for to long, all is lost. The “moment” is gone, and there is no spark.


ShyBoy was NOT at work today. *blows loud, wet raspberry*

If I was looking for a boyfriend, I suppose I could give him a bit more time, but I’m just looking for a boytoy! I suppose I could get all stalker-like & stop by tomorrow after court & do the shtick I planned for today but it just seems like too much effort for a boy who can’t even text, “hi”.

Oh, bother.

Then again, the world IS ending Saturday…


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