ShyBoy, Part 1

I’ve had a bit of a crush on ShyBoy for a while. not an obsessive, i-must-see-him-or-i’ll-die crush, but a, oh-hey-ther-he-is-and-gosh-isn’t-he-cute?-way.

he works at my drs office — although i suppose i should say my drs’s offices. three offices, and about 4 drs. unfortunately (aside from him being only 20) his mom is my (gulp) primary care dr. (i found out this juicy piece of gossip from the chick who hands out fliers for the place. she suggested i “go for it”.)

after getting over the “i could be his mom” factor, i started trying to talk to him. not easy since i don’t want to make anyone uncomfortable. and, oh yeah, one of ShyBoys co-workers gave me his # last month&that could get a bit uncomfy… when i told flier girl about talking to ShyBoy, she literally gasped, “he talks to you? he doesn’t talk to anyone!” wa-hoo! score one for the puma! (Vivica A Fox said on TMZ that women 35-40 into younger men are Pumas; 40+ are cougers.)

this past wednesday my son dressed me in my tight black pants, had me put my hair in pig-tails, and actually carry a purse (!!!). oh, and wear boots with heels (as opposed to my usual sneakers). i was on. i flirted, i had fun, and before i left luck allowed for a moment when he had no co-workers nearby.

“ShyBoy, would it be weird if i gave you my number?” i had my name and number written on a folded piece of paper.

“no,” he said, smiling in his oh-so-cute-way. it was VERY hard not to just grab him, pull him into the stairway with me, and just kiss him, but i restrained myself — barely. i handed him the paper, he unfolded it, looked at it, and before i could see what he did with it, i turned and said goodbye…

and now its friday night. i think he works monday thru friday, but possibly saturday as well. and there is the three-day-rule. (wait is that for boys or girls?)

either way i have to see his mom on monday (his mom lol i’m going to be sick) for blood test results. my fashionista son has already picked out my outfit. ShyBoy is getting kissed!


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