Hello world!

I’ve decided to keep this title, HELLO WORLD, because I like it (and because I am bad with titles)

This is my first (attempt at a) Blog, so PLEASE BEAR WITH ME!!! I do not have internet access at home unless my neighbour is online (Speak to my Baby Daddy, henceforth known as BD about the legalities of this set-up) or I go to the library.

For my first entry (which somehow got erased, or didn’t post right, or something, so this might not be the first post you read), I’m simply going to copy the list of ideas I scribbled in my notebook of things I plan to write about:

* my six-year old son

* my life, which includes: illness (fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue *yawn*, cervical cancer, anxiety, depression, etc), drugs (never shot up, never did crack…well, never did first-hand crack. think I got second-hand but that’s another story!!!), day-to-day stuff (like the lovely woman I met on the train today)

* cats (and other animals, but cats are the best)

* reviews (I am a voracious reader — books, comics, any genre, any author, I’ve read it or will read it. Plus, movies, shows, video games…)

* crafts (which I love. The first will probably be the Duct Tape Wallet. i’m on my third and have cut the time down to less than an hour. I just need to take the pictures so you’ll know what I am describing.)

* anything suggested by anyone (I used to be an advice columnist lol no, seriously)

* anything else I can think of

Stay tuned, keep in touch & look both ways before crossing the street.




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